Neon-EC Ltd — LED solutions for lighting and advertising

Neon-EK Ltd is a distributor of electronic components and manufacturer of LED products (LED modules for lighting, advertising, etc.). The company was established in 2009 as a European branch of the leading distributor on Russian LED market - Neon-EC Ltd.

The head office is in Varna, Bulgaria.

Neon-EK Ltd is an official distributor of Cree (USA), Samsung LED (Korea), Siti (Taiwan), High Power Lighting (Taiwan), LedLink Optics (Taiwan), Refond (China), NeoSvet ®.

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Currently 52 employees work in the company 

Europe 5
Russia 47


Our company is known as a reliable supplier of high-quality LEDs, power supplies and secondary optics for LEDs. We provide full service to our clients and complete solution to their requests.

Led modules by NeoSvet ®

Neon-EK manufactures standard and customized LED modules on MCPCB and FR4 which are used in different types of lighting fixtures. For our products we use CREE, Samsung and REFOND LEDs.