TH "NEON-EC" – design, production and supply of solutions for LED lighting and signage

The group of companies was founded in 1999. During twenty years of operation our team has developed its main advantages: attentive attitude to its customers, speed in work, compulsory fulfillment of its promises and honesty of contractual relations.

The main focus of our company is design, production and supply of solutions for LED lighting and signage.

TH “NEON-EC” is one of the LED market leaders in Russia. Our company also supplies a large range of components for industrial enterprises and factories in Russia: integrated circuits, optoelectronics, discrete semiconductor components, resistors, capacitors, and much more.

Now the head office of the company and the central warehouse are located in St. Petersburg, the most numerous office is located in Voronezh, a major electronics center in Russia. Moscow office sells and ships from its own warehouse. The total number of personnel is more than 50 people, including 7 technical support engineers.


We have a flexible pricing system based on purchase quantity. At the reasoned request of the buyer, our manager can offer a special price. Project registration for components with flexible warehouse support and payment terms is available.

Product order

You can order the necessary products at our central office in St. Petersburg, in branches in Moscow and Voronezh, by fax or by e-mail. In the request, please specify contact details with the details of the organization or individual entrepreneur. TH “NEON-EC” regularly wins contracts in electronic tenders for the supply of various types of LED products.

We will arrange delivery of orders to any region of Russia.

Project work

TH “NEON-EC” is an official “solution provider” - developer and supplier of solutions from CREE and LUMILEDS companies, which allows us not only to offer the best LEDs, but also to attract all the power and experience of these companies to interesting projects of our clients. TH “NEON-EC” has established itself as a reliable supplier both for large contracts, including automotive industry, and for small series of products, always with high quality.

TH "NEON-EC" has at its disposal various measuring and testing equipment (including two integrating spheres) and highly qualified engineers, which allows us to quickly carry out measurements and make changes to the prototype devices before launching them into the series.

TH "NEON-EC" produces its own line of power sources with stabilized current and voltage to power various LED equipment. We can also design and manufacture power supplies designed according to the client’s technical specification (from 500-1000 pcs.)


SMD-MONTAGE is a contract manufacturing with surface-mounted equipment and wave soldering, which develops on-demand and own projects.

Alfalider - is our distributor in Belarus.


When creating printed catalogs, we tried to convey in a convenient and concise manner to the engineer and buyer technical information about the products supplied, about its features and advantages. Full technical information can be found on our website and manufacturer sites. Catalogs are sent free on request.